Competition Regulations



DATE: February 25th, 2017.

TIME: Tasting: 6pm to 9 pm.

PLACE: St. Thomas Anglican Church, 46048 Gore Ave., Chilliwack, BC

Directions – Exit #119 heading north on Vedder Rd.  Continue north to the 4th street light. Turn right onto Cheam Ave. and a very quick left onto First Ave. Continue past the lights of Young Road. Turn left onto Nowell St. and then another left on to Gore Ave. (This is a dead end street with a parking lot at the end)

COST: $35.00 per person.  Contact Chief Steward for tickets.


A1. Dry Chardonnay & Sauvignon Blanc

A2. Any Other Dry White Grape *

B. Sweet White Grape

C1. Bordeaux Style Dry Red Grape*

C2. Zinfandel*

C3. Any Other Dry Red Grape

C4. Dry Red Pinot

D. Dry Rose

E. White Fruit

F. Red Fruit

G. Social*

H. Any Other Wine

I. Sparkling*

J. Aperitif Sherry*

K. Aperitif*

L. Dessert*

M. After Dinner*

N. Lt. Lager & Hybrid Beer*

O. Hop Focused Beer*

P. Malt Focused Beer *

Q. Roasted & Smoked Beer*

R. Belgian & Wheat Beer*

S. Cider*

T. Invitational Wine

Classes Marked with asterisks have the same description as BCAWA Handbook on the BCAWA web site.


Class A1. Combination of Chardonnay and White Pinot classes in Handbook                          

Class B.  Over 1000 S.G.                                                                                                             

Class C4. Is Dry Red Pinot                                                                                                    

Class E. and F. Fruit wines in these classes should have a fruity aroma and flavour not necessarily of one particular fruit but still fruity. They should be off dry but not excessively sweet and not too high in alcohol. They should be made with fruit(s) no grapes.

Class H.  As fruit wines but must not contain grapes or fruit. For example made from parsnips, rhubarb or rice.

Class T.  For non-club wine makers                                                                                    

Classes N, O, P, Q, & R.Beers are the same as the BCAWA handbook.

ENTRY REGULATIONS  (On-line entry deadline is Feb 11/17)

1. The entry fee is $3.00 per bottle

2. The Competitor must be a member in good standing of a wine club that is affiliated with the BCAWA, (except Class T. ask for invitational entry regulations)

3.NEW On-line Entry Procedure can be found at the BCAWA website, on the tabs on the left side of the website, click on BCAWA and then scroll down to the bottom heading, “Wine Competition System” where you register and log on to the site. Select 2017 Chilliwack Zymurgy Competition and enter your information. This will produce your entry form as well as individual bottle tags for you to print out and attach to your entries with an elastic band. Please include your entry form and fee with your bottle entries.

4. Competitor may enter three bottles in each class, but each bottle must contain wine made from differentingredients or, in the case of grapes, from different varieties or of a different vintage.

5. Wines or beers made at U-Brew or Commercial establishments are not eligible for entry.

6. All entries are to be in the hands of the Registrar or drop off points by  Sat. Feb 11th, 2017NO LATE ENTRIES

7. All entries become the property of the Chilliwack Zymurgy Club for the use at the Competition.

8. The dividing line for Sweet and Dry Classes is 1.000 SG.

9. Wines are to be presented in any standard unmarked wine bottle with a minimum of 750ml capacity (with exception of classes J, K, L & M that can be 375 ml. min). Note: Although the appearance of the wine will be judged in the glass rather than in the bottle, the Competitor should bear in mind that the Judges will seethe bottles and may be adversely prejudiced by sloppy presentation. Although the Stewards will handle the bottles as carefully as possible, a deposit that is not firm could well stir up to cloud the wine and detract from the appearance in the glass, thus losing points.

10. Sparkling wines must be in pressure bottles closed with standard closures, secured by wires or closed with crown caps.

11. Brew and cider entries must be in standard unmarked beer bottles with crown caps.

12. Tagsplease fill out the information in the on-line registration.

13. There must be no labels, shrink caps, or other distinguishing marks on bottles.

Pick-up points:  To be determined

 Chief Steward   Rino Genzale & Cory Padula

President  Sergio Civitarese

Registrar Mary-Susan & Peter Gagnon